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HELPING YOU FIND JOY, purpose, AND alignment

as a woman


Joy Jones

PCC, Educator, Facilitator, Yogi


You have arrived

You made it here, warrior woman! You have come to ignite the light that has been flamed. Whether you are amongst a career change, a parenting shift, or a life transmutation, I am here to guide, reflect, and support you on this journey. We need each other, connection, and community to do life. We are women.

My name is Joy Jones and I invite you to take 30 minutes, at no cost, to dig deeper into all of who you are so you can live in your full woman power with joy, clarity, and purpose. Find joy in your reality by connecting with me.



  • Goal oriented 

  • Safe, listening space to be your true self

  • Judgement free

  • Strategies and tools backed by research

  • Mindfulness and mindset skills 



  • Address challenges together

  • Cultivate community

  • Find solutions to issues

  • Trusted space 

  • Connecting to a better version of self

Ahinoa Javega

All my plans and goals suddenly became meaningless and Joy helped me to reevaluate my perspective. She encouraged me to set up new goals that helped me to come back on track and regain the confidence in myself. 

Corey Shannon Rittvo

Joy was so empathic and knowledgeable about children’s behavior that we felt like she was taking care of us while providing real practical strategies for improving our toddlers behavior. She was able to break down the issues we were facing into themes with tactics to address them - and in more specific and actionable ways than any book can.

Suzanne Pequignot

To have a life coach that is this evolved is truly a gift. She held space that was unconditional love that made me feel completely safe and through her experience and wisdom guided me to find and trust the answers within myself. Joy is like an exquisite jewel vibrating a rainbow of divine light.

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