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Joy Jones

PCC, Educator, Facilitator, Yogi


Joy Jones

LCL, Educator, Facilitator, Yogi

Known as “positively minded,” “relatable,” and “full of joy,” she approaches life with a dynamic global perspective after living in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and The United States. Her global awareness is important at this particular juncture as our communities become important to how we connect with one another, and ultimately ourselves. Responsibility, inclusion, and awareness are key factors to establishing community and culture, in which Joy has nurtured over the years through social and emotional training in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, as well as her devoted time to teaching children and working for non-profits in remote parts of the world. 

With over ten years of experience in elementary education, Joy has been a trainer, team leader, and advocate not only for children but for parents and communities. She has seen how big and small our world is but found that true happiness comes from within yourself through the dynamic power of connection to self and others. Her work in her life has been devoted to sharing, teaching, helping, and empowering others to follow the intuition of self to be able to take big risks, honor oneself, and turn visions and dreams into reality. 

Joy lives in San Francisco, California with her husband and daughter. She values and enjoys mediating daily, moving through yoga, finding peace in the water while surfing, connecting to naturewhile hiking and camping, gaining knowledge through reading, and connecting to people around her. 

my approach

Coaching, Workshops, and Training

As a coach, Joy walks alongside you so you can live the life you’ve always wanted. She does this by supporting you in realignment with your true self, finding joy and peace with life circumstances, and listening to your inner light and intuition. Through her years of teaching mindfulness, mindset, and meditation she brings these to each session to bring balance, awareness, and strength to oneself

Joy dives into the true essence of who you are by realigning with your values, mission, and purpose in life. She listens, builds trust, and understands right where you are to guide you on the path you desire to move on.

Not only does she coach one-on-one, but facilitates workshops for groups looking for a new approach to life, career, relationships, or group dynamics. She believes in setting intentions and compiles workbooks and journals to foster a love for life regardless of its situations. 


Joy Jones

PCC, Educator, Facilitator, Yogi


My credentials


My Degrees

  • BA, Master in Elementary Education K-6 with a focus on English Development and Multi Subject Teaching- University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

  • Multiple Teaching Credential – Florida  

  • Life Coach Certification (LCL) - Life Purpose Institute, San Diego, CA 


Conferences and Professional Development  

  • Mindfulness and Meditation, San Francisco, CA - 8 week course at the San Francisco Buddhist Center, 2019

  • Learning and the Brain Conference, Santa Barbara, CA – Using brain science to boost memory, thinking, and learning with Dr. Judy Willis, 2014

  • Understanding by Design Conference, Los Angeles, CA – Focusing on teaching and assessing by designing a ‘backwards’ curriculum, 2013

  • Design by Thinking Certification, Oakland, CA - A process that uses cognitive and creative problem solving to develop new designs to projects and ideas, 2012

  • Assessment through the PYP, Singapore – Creating and implementing assessments for individualized learning, 2011

  • PYP Training, Japan - Integrating Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies, 2010

  • ESOL Conference, Singapore - Accommodating non-English speakers in a mainstream classroom, 2009

  • PYP Training, Singapore - Demonstrating skills and concepts in the PYP curriculum for the classroom, 2009

  • Literacy Conference, Singapore - Implementing Literacy in all Subjects, 2008




  • Volunteer Curriculum Writing (Morwakee Village Community School)- Humaneity, Chiang Mia, Thailand (2011-2013)

  • Community Service- Junior League, Bay Area, California (2012-2014)

  • Volunteer Teacher/Facilitator-Child at Street 11, Singapore (2010-2012)

  • Team Leader-Stamford American International School (2011-2012)

  • Social Committee Chair-Stamford American International School and Overseas Family School (2009-2012)