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private sessions

Life/CAREER Coaching

Do you want to know how to listen to yourself to make the right decisions? Are you looking to reclaim your life? Have you asked, "What's my purpose?"


Joy can help you find and reconnect to yourself so you can live the life YOU want. You will utilize strategies to bring the change you want by listening to self, connecting to visions and mission, and building resilience to honor your true self. Find joy and purpose in you by connecting with Joy for a free 30 minute one-on-one chat. 

Parent/Family Coaching

Are you wondering who you are after having children? Do you think that you can’t have the life you want because you have kids? Can’t seem to find joy in the routine or schedule? Having trouble accepting your children for who they are?


Joy has an extensive background in education, as well as children herself, to equip you with tools to reconnect to your true self while also being a parent. As a bonus, Joy is also trained in Positive Parenting Solutions to help with managing the angry parent to be more calm, empathetic, and confident with your child’s behaviors. Find joy in parenting, and yourself, by connecting with Joy for a free 30 minute one-on-one chat. 

Relationship Coaching

Are you trying to find love outside of yourself? Do you need a group of friends to walk through life with? Are you looking to connect with family?


We are interconnected to ourselves and others, it's who we are as homo sapiens. But connecting to others can sometimes feel challenging and overwhelming. Connect with Joy to bring the essence of relationships back into your life. It's the purpose and value of life! Click for a free 30 minute one-on-one chat.

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