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 CORPORATE Group Workshops

There is no better time to align with your employees than now. By taking time to put your employees first, they in turn put their work as a priority. 

Individual coaching

Employees need a value system to align with so they can find meaning and purpose in what they do in their career. At Joy Jones Coaching, we support the growth, development, and integrity of the individual by creating SMART and PACT goals that operate as a path to a more meaningful career trajectory. 

Working fRom Home

Are your employees working from home? Are they trying to balance their work load and homeschooling their children? I can support your employees so they are utilizing their time as best they can. My three webinars offer skills, strategies, and support to bring more awareness to organization, time-management, and production. Learn more about how your employees can gain the confidence to work from home but feel connected to others and self. Connect with me by clicking on the button below to book your Working From Home Webinar. 

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