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Ahinoa Javega

2019 was the hardest and most difficult year of my life. When I was completely lost and looking for the meaning of my life after losing my dad suddenly and unexpectedly, Joy helped me better understand where and who I was in that moment, and where I wanted to be moving forward. 


All my plans and goals suddenly became meaningless and Joy helped me to reevaluate my perspective. She encouraged me to set up new goals that helped me to come back on track and regain the confidence in myself. 


Joy has a gift to connect people. Her communication skills and expertise, helped me answered all the questions I had. During our time together, I could also express my sadness and could be 100% me, crying and laughing when I needed it. She helped me feel proud of myself again. I could be present and connect with myself while someone was listening to everything I thought and felt. 


Coaching with Joy has been one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences in my life. I  truly recommend her :) 

Alex Fazzone

 I started working with Joy at a pivotal time in my life- as my dad became sick and ultimately passed away. But this major life event aside, there were and will always be other things going on in my life that I needed help walking through. It was monumental working with Joy during both these “normal” life events, and also an earth-shattering event. She showed me so much compassion and patience, helped hold me accountable through action plans and check-ins, and listened with an openness that is rare to find in people. Our meetings were truly a high point each week. Finding someone who can gently guide you with a genuine acceptance is a gift, and Joy is that person. I’m extremely grateful for our time together and I know she will touch many other lives too.

Amy Offen-Reeves

What a gift of a workshop Joy Jones’ curated for us in her cozy, warm, and sun-lit space. Joy created a welcoming space for us to connect with each other and more importantly connect with ourselves. She was a thoughtful and caring guide through territory that can sometimes be challenging to face but ultimately is always rewarding. She met people where they were, made meaningful connections, and actively listened to help us do our best self-work. I didn’t want the afternoons to end. I hope she continues to offer these type of workshops because i would definitely sign up for another. 

Anjana Sharma 

Joy was able to create a space in which we all felt comfortable enough to do a tremendous amount of reflection and growth in a relatively short amount of time. She combined educational activities (drawing from her wisdom from years working as an educator!) with visualizations and meditations. These exercises helped me connect to what *really* matters to me as I live this next year. And it also helped me let go and forgive of what was painful from the past year. Im finding that I keep returning back to what we discussed - as I face challenges as a parent, as a partner, in my job - and it’s giving me a center I can return to, to remind myself of what lessons I carry within myself. Im so grateful for the time I spent with Joy. I hope to learn from her again.

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