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Connection to Self and Others

Group Workshops
corporate/Small business

Do you want your employees to value their work? Do you need more motivation and understanding? Part of valuing your time at work is knowing it aligns with your own personal values and mission. This six-month workshop brings a deeper awareness to the company's vision and mission by allowing employees to go deeper into their own work valuesGive your employees a reason to work for you by aligning their values with the company's values. Click to arrange a meeting to see if this is a right fit for your company. 

FEBRUARY 1 - 2, 2020 

This year approach the year, not by plotting or planning, but by setting your intentions. Our thoughts and energy create our reality. Every thought we have creates an energy in our body and signals our brain to react. But when life happens unexpectedly, changes, or surprises us, our intentions can guide us to live in the present moment. This workshop is set up to guide you in setting your intentions for 2020 so it can be a year you want to experience with all the changes, surprises, and energy that happens in life. Click to reserve your spot and receive more details. 

Taking back your true self
May 2-3, 2020

Have you ever woke up and asked yourself, "Who am I?" Or possibly made a decision but not sure why you chose what you did? By knowing who your true self is, you can ask these questions and know the answer exactly. Find out who you are by exploring your values, mission, and personal beliefs. Take a dive into how you move through life bringing a clearer understanding and awareness around your daily decisions that you can feel confident with. Own yourself and your days by finding your true self. Click to reserve your spot and receive more details. 

May 16-17, 2020

Are you wondering who you are after having children? Are you trying to sift through the societal pressures, your ultimate dreams, and relationships but not sure how to honor yourself. Take back yourself by rebirthing a new you. Your body has changed, your heart has changed, why can't your dreams and ideas of who you are change. Join me on a journey to rebirth the truest form of you with all the responsibility that comes with raising a human while also creating a community of women you can trust and lean on. Click to reserve your spot and receive more details. 

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